Sunday, January 11, 2009

Books Galore

What a great month! I've started 5 great books with 5 different reading groups. The group reading, Despereaux, is the most excited. Nothing like a movie to stir up a little interest in picking up the book.

Speaking of tie-ins, I'm intrigued with, The 39 Clues, the new concept from Scholastic. It has an on-line videogame and so far, looks interesting. My boys have the first 2 books from the 10 book series and have started in on the videogame portion. Not sure if this will be the answer for the publishing world, but it's the right direction. My own boys are voracious readers and so need no convincing. I'm gonna mention it to some of my less confident ones at school and see how they like the idea.

If nothing else, love the way ancient institutions are thinking out of the box. Or should I say, out of the book.

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