Sunday, October 28, 2007

My cheque arrived in the mail! $35 for my craft to Highlights. Yayy!

I often think about giving up this 'writing thing', but for some reason I continue to plug away at it. Perhaps, it's for the small cheques. Perhaps, like playing the lottery, the odds are against you and when that win comes, it will feel so great. I have been thinking about quitting quite a bit recently. The blow of the rejection letters seems to be harder to recover from, particularly when I only seem to get the dreaded "form." I have to keep reminding myself that I have not tried many stories yet.
Then I saw my story on Fandangle Magazine's site, and I was touched that the editor not only published my story, but was inspired to run a non-fiction piece and a craft along with it. Seeing that entire package made me realize why I keep at this.
I write because I want to touch people; children. I want to spark their imagination. I want them to think differently about the mundane; use their brains to entertain themselves and to feel good about it. I want to offer the same thing that Bill Peet offered me- a different slant on the world. It has done me well in life, to be able to look at things from another perspective.
So I will continue to do this writing thing. Creating stories, putting them to my critique group, honing, revising and putting them out to the world for rejection. If nothing else comes of it, I have offered my own kids a chance to view the world in a different light.

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