Sunday, January 20, 2008


It has been a very productive last 2 weeks. Finished two stories for the Highlights contest. Crumpled Paper was very helpful in honing my direction and had some very inspiring ideas! A critique group is a vital part of the process. I'm really enjoying the feedback.

I'm part of another crit group with the SCBWI in the UK. I've been doing and reading quite a few critiques, but have not got much feedback for mine yet. I'm learning more about the UK market through reading the posts and comments. All good!

Also joined Facebook. Nice to see so many high school friends are doing well. Lots with families and exciting jobs.

Getting my stories polished for the Bologna conference. I'm getting nervous about the in-face critique. YIKES! Hope I don't take it personally when someone is sitting right across from me.

I've set up my accommodation, my tickets and even have business cards for my new contacts. Should be fun and hopefully, furthers my career. One can only hope.

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