Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year

I waved the white flag. I did. The final rejection letter came on Christmas Eve and I gave it all up; the writing, the subbing, the hope.

The new year rang in here like WWIII, as it does every year. Nothing like it anywhere. Over 2 hours of city-wide fireworks. The noise is unbelievable; the smoke that hangs over the sky, choking; the mess that lines the streets and gardens the next day, very un-German. As I listened to the pounding and whistling of relentless rockets and volcanoes, I knew I had another story in mind. I knew I would creep back to my computer and check the Blue Boards. I knew the next day would find me sneaking off to my laptop to revise. I would find myself back at www.agentquery.com, off to check out www.jacketflap.com .

I’ve begun submitting, creating and polishing again. And I think I am doing it with a vigor that has been missing for some months. The Bologna conference is just a few short months away, there is the Highlights contest to think about, Crumpled Paper has great stories for me to critique and most importantly, I am weeks away from receiving another rejection letter. Thank goodness the industry is so slow!

To a successful 2008 for all!!

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