Monday, February 18, 2008

Arrr, Matey! Another party behind us.

20 birthday celebrations have come and gone under our roof. And, if I do say so myself, we are getting pretty good at them.

We have filled the neighbours' yards with exploding alka-seltzer rockets, offered Potions Class while transforming the house into Hogwarts, taught spies-in-training how to break through laser-driven burglar alarms and this past Saturday, held a cannon ball battle between pirate galleons in our living room.

I guess it's another form of creative expression. It's just like writing a story. You need a good hook (the invitation), a believable plot (belief is in the details) and an entertaining, well-paced storyline (the games need to connect to the theme and to each other). If you have all of that, then you have a birthday party that comes alive for the kids. More importantly, it leaves a lasting memory long after the presents have gone.

Only 21 more to go!!

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