Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bologna Book Fair -- Here I come!

We have reached the countdown. At the end of the month I will be heading to my first SCBWI conference; in Bologna, no less. I'm really excited.

First, I think it will be a personal challenge to experience an in-face critique. I mostly operate with the anonymity of the internet. When my critique group doesn't like it, I can take a few minutes, or hours, before replying.

Second, it will be nice to meet some people who understand the entire process of becoming a writer. I won't have to tell any of them that I don't need to send the illustrations with my manuscript since I don't illustrate. I won't have to explain the length of time a submission sits in the slush before their 'no response unless interested' can be applied.

It will be refreshing to talk technique and structure. It is my belief (perhaps mistaken) that I'm not just striving to make the perfect story, but also to make it in the perfect picture book format. And let's not forget, the perfect cover letter to go with it. I hope to pick up some handy tidbits to apply to my manuscripts, past and future.

And selfishly, I'm really looking forward to travelling by myself and having some quiet moments to ponder life. My life.

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