Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Parents have a lot to worry about these days. I worry about my kids crossing the road safely, the possibility of bullies, strangers, broken limbs, not eating enough, eating too much, etc. etc. Okay, maybe I worry too much. However, last week I was confronted with a new worry, a worry that had never occurred to me even in my darkest nightmares.


We live in a large city, full of cars and trucks, and factories and buildings. One doesn't expect feral beasts to be a common concern.

The weird part is (if you don't already think herds of wild boar are weird), is that they're actually quite dangerous. Not that I'm saying they are violent, attack boar, but that if startled, and with young, they can gore you. There are several cases of boar injury in the city each year.

So, with our family lessons on how to cross the road, wear a bicycle helmet and don't talk to strangers, I now offer some sage advice on how not to be gored by a roving herd of wild pigs!

And I'm going to have to rethink my capacity for worry.

I couldn't make this stuff up, LA Times


Africakid said...

How can this be? I thought you lived in the big city surrounded by cement. Do boar hide out in the parks behind bushes?

Rising said...

I do! Those pesky pigs are under every bush. It's like some kind of a weird Monty Python movie. The back of the kids' school has a small park and there is a herd of about 30 boar. Lots of babies. Some days you almost trip over them on your way into the playground.
Lots of foxes this year, too. But I don't worry about the kids getting on the losing side of one of them. Rabies aside.


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