Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tanning the old fashioned way?

I have to confess, since getting precariously close to 40, I have been taking more time and care with my appearance. I’ve been believing more adverts, trying more products and spending more money. I try not to be gullible. I try to choose fixes that seem logical and simple to use. That being said, I was disconcerted to discover that the learning curve for self-tanning cream is much steeper than I anticipated.

The first question that comes to mind is, why? I’ve never before felt the need to look tanned. I’m going to go with the best answer I have, why not? It seemed so easy. Slap it on and in 3 days, voila, a sunless glow. Everyone else can do it. It’s easily purchased and affordable. Yeah, why not?

So, I slapped it on. Everyday for 3 days. Perhaps because I’m new to this cure-in-a-bottle thing, I didn’t take into consideration some vital points.

1. How you slap it on. I might have had more success if I applied it evenly. The big white patch on my right thigh stands out a bit more than I'm comfortable with.

2. Colour match. I neglected to account for the colour difference between my legs and my naturally sun-kissed arms. I suppose wearing some widely patterned shirt may make this less noticeable.

3. Where you slap it on. I stopped at the bottom of my legs, as you would. I look like I went wading in a yellowish pond and forgot to take off my white ankle socks.

In my favour, I knew enough not to experiment on my face. Live and learn. Guess I had better go back and read the instructions and find out how to remove my tan-in-a-bottle.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Those are soooo mistakes I would make with this stuff. (Guess I'll stop fantasizing about having a tan anytime soon.)

Rising said...

Yes, perhaps I imparted too much information in that last post.


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