Sunday, October 5, 2008


I love the fall! It's my favourite time of year. In Canada it's the time for country fairs, crisp breezes and in every direction, vivid bands of red, gold and orange. The endless shades of orange give me the most visual pleasure. I'm also partial to the glowing reds with a vibrance that you just can't find in a set of paints.

In Berlin, fall is often time for heavy rain. Actually, better described as solid rain. I also love the rain so this does not detract from my love of the season. However, this year we have been given an extra gift, the creeping colouring of the leaves.

My husband noticed it first. I convinced him that after 7 years he had forgotten how brilliant the Canadian fall really is. The odd redish tree amongst the sea of yellowish-brown is not unusual here, I said. It happens. Then I went for a drive.

My goodness! The reds, pinks and oranges are brushed down every street, they kiss the sides of apartments and fill the gardens. How unusual to find such a range and quantity of pigment here? It seems to be mainly oaks, which they say have been suffering from a destructive beetle. Perhaps, free of their parasite, they are once again able to shine. Perhaps, it is only serendipitous conditions encouraging the change.

I read once that the average person will consciously experience this natural art only 50 times in a lifetime. Attaching a finite number to the experience was sobering. I now appreciate each fall that passes and always point out the leaves to my children in hopes that they will exceed the magic 50 in their lifetime.

I hope Berliners appreciate this rare treat and add it to their lifetime count.

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Africakid said...

I drove down to Garmisch yesterday, and the reds and yellows against the Alps were gorgeous! Definitely one of those "magic 50" moments.


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