Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reliquaries - My Secret Collection

A little secret -- I collect relics. It's a little unusual, but even as a kid I collected different things. Everyone else had a stamp collection and I collected and sorted sugar bags. Yes, those little paper envelopes you get in a diner.

Anyway, now I collect relics and the reliquaries they are presented in. Well, I don't actually take them home, they are tad more valuable than the sugar bags, but I do tick them off, categorize them and collect as many photos as possible.

On a recent trip, I was thrilled to add a few more to my collection. In Aix la Chapelle, a golden, jewel-encrusted reliquary held the beheading cloth of St. John the Baptist, the cloak of Mary, the swaddling clothes of baby Jesus and the loincloth of Jesus. These are pretty high up on the hit list. They fill out my collection of relics of Jesus which includes the Crown of Thorns, the crib, a drop of blood and piece of the True Cross.

At Amiens, a breathtaking High Gothic cathedral, I added the Head of St. John the Baptist, on the platter. Unfortunately, he didn't warrant a reliquary, but it meant a good close up of the relic.


Africakid said...

Oh wow, yours is certainly an unusual collection...(especially John the Baptist's head).

My son used to collect sugar packets too! Unfortunately, he often forgot to take them out of his jeans pockets before I washed them. Can you say "sticky mess?" Ha.

Rising said...

That's really cool! I've never heard of anyone else who collected sugar packs! Does he still have his collection? I showed mine to my kids and they concluded I was loopier than they thought.


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