Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Not that I really have the time. I mean, I should be writing. That chapter book is not getting finished by itself.

However, I had to take a peek at Facebook and was surprised to find myself sucked in.
It's a strange concept. You make friends with people you already know and then, do nothing. It's a collecting hobby. How many "friends" do you have? I reacquainted myself with some high school associates and a few others that I’ve lost contact with, but once they have agreed to become friends, that's it.

I kinda like it. No guilt. Your profile tells the tale. No need to write lengthy correspondences. Just a quick nod and get on with your life --the electronic version of tipping your hat. I could get into it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It has been a very productive last 2 weeks. Finished two stories for the Highlights contest. Crumpled Paper was very helpful in honing my direction and had some very inspiring ideas! A critique group is a vital part of the process. I'm really enjoying the feedback.

I'm part of another crit group with the SCBWI in the UK. I've been doing and reading quite a few critiques, but have not got much feedback for mine yet. I'm learning more about the UK market through reading the posts and comments. All good!

Also joined Facebook. Nice to see so many high school friends are doing well. Lots with families and exciting jobs.

Getting my stories polished for the Bologna conference. I'm getting nervous about the in-face critique. YIKES! Hope I don't take it personally when someone is sitting right across from me.

I've set up my accommodation, my tickets and even have business cards for my new contacts. Should be fun and hopefully, furthers my career. One can only hope.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year

I waved the white flag. I did. The final rejection letter came on Christmas Eve and I gave it all up; the writing, the subbing, the hope.

The new year rang in here like WWIII, as it does every year. Nothing like it anywhere. Over 2 hours of city-wide fireworks. The noise is unbelievable; the smoke that hangs over the sky, choking; the mess that lines the streets and gardens the next day, very un-German. As I listened to the pounding and whistling of relentless rockets and volcanoes, I knew I had another story in mind. I knew I would creep back to my computer and check the Blue Boards. I knew the next day would find me sneaking off to my laptop to revise. I would find myself back at www.agentquery.com, off to check out www.jacketflap.com .

I’ve begun submitting, creating and polishing again. And I think I am doing it with a vigor that has been missing for some months. The Bologna conference is just a few short months away, there is the Highlights contest to think about, Crumpled Paper has great stories for me to critique and most importantly, I am weeks away from receiving another rejection letter. Thank goodness the industry is so slow!

To a successful 2008 for all!!

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