Friday, April 4, 2008

Bologna: Book Fair and SCBWI Conference

I’ve left it too late. I fear the buzz of Bologna and the sparks of inspiration have worn off. And after only 3 days back in my mundane world! Let’s see if I can pull myself back to the weekend.

In that little café off the main square, it was a perfect afternoon of coffee and conversation. It was truly wonderful to put names and avatars, to actual faces. I loved meeting the women from the Blueboards and eCritique. They were all engaging, hilarious and tons of fun. I think that was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I’m afraid that I talked too much (as usual) and shared WAY too many anecdotes, but I do hope I was not too annoying.

The conference was well worth the trip. Although, much of the information, techniques and insights were about longer works, much of it can be applied to picture books.

Candy Gourlay was even funnier than she is on her blog, HERE and her insight into current technological trends was a good kick-in-the-pants. I was secretly relieved to have already begun my exploration of the web. I was reluctant to start, but now I feel confident it’s a worthwhile expenditure of time. Now, back to some other writing. I’ll return to Bologna a bit later.

BLAST! Technological difficulty. Can't find the correct USB cable. Picture to follow.

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Anonymous said...

it was great to meet you too! and bologna was a blast! we should all take more time to neglect our children ...


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