Friday, April 18, 2008

Enoch the Butterfly

We were all pleased to have our butterfly habitat work so well. But now I have two butterflies that continue to live, long past their average lifespan (10 days to 2 weeks). They are over a month old and still going strong. It must be a horrible existence, sitting there, day after day, waiting for your daily sugar-water spritz.
We can't release them because the evening temeratures often hit the freezing mark, not to mention, a story from the kita teacher:

The pre-school raised butterflies last spring. When Metamorphosis was complete, they had a grand release ceremony in the back garden. All the little children cheered as the butterflies headed for the sky. (Can't you picture it?)

The first got a meter upward before,


Snatch! A bird gobbled it up.

Cheers turned to tears. The teachers were then too busy to monitor the fate of the other butterflies, but it couldn't have ended well.

Maybe life in a tent is better than freedom?

I still feel guilty.

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