Friday, April 25, 2008


I was going to post about a very lame class trip to riding camp where, in 5 days, the kids only got to ride once around a corral (this probably illustrates the point sufficiently), but the discovery of lice on my middle son has preempted those complaints.

How can lice spread through a classroom and remain there so long? A chronic question when one 'googles' head lice.
I suspect the answer lies in the amount of work it requires to remove said lice from a child and from the house the child is in. Parents hardly have time to pack a proper lunch, let alone strip and wash the bedding every 2 days as they recommend.

But here in Germany, with everyone hanging their laundry to dry, I'm sure the little buggers never get properly killed off before they get tucked back in for a cozy sleep with the host. The use of herbal remedies and ancient, chemical-free treatments also play a part.

Little do they know I'm not German. I'll get the critters by the end of the weekend -every last one. I have no qualms about using insecticide and a hot dryer. And the kids will all wear a bathing cap under their batting helmet at baseball tomorrow.

Aghhhh! My head is itchy!

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