Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boar Sighting!

For my loyal readers (that's just me), I had to alert y'all. I had another boar sighting. This time just a mother and baby, in the middle of the day, crossing the street.


They waited. Even the animals follow the rules here.


Angela said...

Oh wow! That is soooo cool. Wish you could have shot a video! The green light, that's perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I met a very nice German man at the open-air market on Wednesday. He told me the best thing about living in the Netherlands was how "open" everyone was here with the "rules"!

I almost started laughing. Then I remembered your stories . . .

Figures they have rule-abiding wild boars living in the city.

Rising said...

He must have been from the north!
It is crazy here. We've never seen any road-kill, either. Even in the spring when the young birds/squirrels etc. are learning. We just figured 'no jaywalking' was the first thing they learned. :-)

Africakid said...

Ha ha! I've told quite a few people about the wild boars in Berlin. This will make a great addition to the story.

Rising said...

The boar just dug up 3 or 4 gardens on our street. Ate up all the bulbs and vegetables. They dug up patio stones and made quite a ruckus. Luckily, our gate was closed and they didn't try and squeeze under the fence. I wonder if you're allowed to hunt them on your own property. Mmmmmm. Fresh boar on a spit.:-)


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