Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Easy-Bake Dreams

We're deep enough into summer holidays that it's necessary to add some distractions to the day. We've already seen the TWO children's movies at the theatre, paddled in the backyard pool (spicing things up periodically with a variety of sprinklers) and hiked through all the nearby parks, woods and hills. Did I forget the blueberry picking? Despite this schedule, there are still a few more weeks of relaxation left.

Time for some ingenuity. The Easy-Bake oven is a surefire winner. With 3 boys, I own the Queasy-Bake oven, complete with spooky light-up skull face. It's green, not pink, as it should be. Instead of fluffy tea cakes with creamy icing, we make moldy, oldy cake and crunchy bone cookies.
I used to have one; avocado green range. Mine never worked. Not knowing much about electronics at the time, I never noticed it was a 2-bulb jobby. One was out. It didn't matter. I ate half-cooked, sloppy cakes and thought I was the belle of the party.

The dream remains the same. Half-cooked, fingerprinted, runny cakes are devoured with pride. Self-baked and gourmet decorated. Great summer fun! Heck, the cleaning-up fills half a day at least!


Colorado Writer said...

I loved my Easy-Bake oven and I like to think I'm a pretty good baker to this day!

Enjoy the relaxation and thanks for visiting my blog.

Angela said...

Awww....sounds like the best summer ever!

Rising said...

Yep, I'll miss them when they're all back in school.

Yep, I'm sure I will.


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