Sunday, August 10, 2008

Writing Excitement

I love a new idea. I love a new story. I love how a fresh idea builds in my head. It pokes and pulls in my mind until I actually get a physical rush as the story lines and plot come together. Sometimes, the idea never quite manifests itself on paper--never quite comes together in PB form. Those stories I have to drop, bury, so I can get on with other ones. Then I tried something new. I started to write down a new idea in chapter form—and it’s pouring out of me.

Tentatively entitled, ‘Lukas of the Lake’ it’s an environmental mystery of a fantastical nature. I’m so excited that I have no trouble sticking to my 1000 words a day and often surpass them.

It’s nice to wake up every morning with an adrenalin rush and bang out a chapter. I know I’m in for months of revising. And I’m sure I’ll hate every word as I wrestle with my critique group’s advice, but at the moment, I’m cruising on the natural high of a story coming together.


debiwrites said...

That really is a great feeling, isn't it? Your word counts are amazing, too.


Rising said...

Thanks, I hope I keep it up!


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